Located on the west coast of Cumbria, Whitehaven is a town with a population approaching 25,000, with a fabulous marina.

Historically, the town grew due to coal mining, exporting this though the harbour.  This lead to the creation of a Georgian planned town in the 18th century, leaving an architectural legacy of over 170 listed buildings.

Today, the major industry is the nearby Sellafield nuclear site at Seascale, the largest employer by far locally, the town benefitting from a large administration base near the centre.

The harbour has been renovated in recent years as part of millennium projects, providing many moorings in the marina.  This has played host to many maritime festivals attracting tourism to the area.

The town is also a short distance from the Lake District National Park, close to the south western fringes of the park, which are often less populated during the tourist season.

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